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The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots : The Life and Ministry of Archbishop Philip M. Hannan

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In early October, 1965, Archbishop Philip M. Hannan arrived at New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Betsy. Where many may have seen hopeless despair, Archbishop Hannan saw hopeful opportunity. He immediately began rebuilding the local Catholic Church and creating a network of social services, ministering to the most vulnerable in the community.  

Archbishop Hannan's ministry in New Orleans was rooted in his family upbringing and priestly formation, as well as his exprience as a military chaplain. While his personality endeared him to presidents, heads of state and celebrities, it was his spirit of charity that endeared him to the people of New Orleans and beyond.

The exhibit commemorates the extraordinary life of a man who lived to its fullest his vocation to the priesthood. His legacy lives on in the people he served and the lives he touched.

Archbishop Hannans own words are used to narrate the exhibit.  His words are taken from his memoir, The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots : Memoir of an Extraordinary Life, From Combat, to Camelot, to Katrina.

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